Anesthesia Herd


Discombobulating the minds of average

We begin to see a man of heroism

Justice served to the fittest

Wings grown on a man with scales unbalanced


Intentions wavered like wind

Or an indecisive promise to an enemy

Leaves wounds and hearts still open

Conscience shut out


Living lives as normal

Changed to negative

False knowing hearts fill the streets

Assurance soothing the mind


Gazing back on the followed

One understands the negativity

Jaded hearts now collide with false knowing

The assurance begins to die


How could a population

Craving positivity and love

Are swooned by anger and injustice

By an antihero so human?


With no direction for the herd

They carry on one by one

Despising the perpetrators of negative society

While praising the famous one.


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